Blackhorse Village- Changes in store

July 24, 2015

Walthamstow is currently experiencing great changes. The changes will no doubt affect landlords, buyers and sellers in Walthamstow as they come to experience a whole new neighborhood, bringing with it marked improvements to daily life.

Blackhorse Village- the area framed by Forest Road, Hoe Street, Selbourne Road and
Blackhorse Road, is one of a series of residential areas in the borough being invested in as part of the Mini-Holland programme. The idea behind the programme is to create an altogether better environment for the local community to live and work. The money to implement the scheme came from £30 million of funding from Transport for London (TfL).


The scheme aims to return the streets to the local people, by instilling traffic calming measures and a series of pedestrianised streets, in order to improve the safety-levels in the village and reflect the needs of the growing number of residents who walk or cycle, to access the local stations.

A public consultation was administered whereby over 600 people took part in a survey that provided over 900 individual pieces of feedback, all of which have been considered and taken on board.

The Blackhorse Village scheme has ambitious plans. It aims to:

* Reduce the amount of non-local traffic in the area.

* Improve the look, feel and safety of the streets for all road users.

* Improve routes to and from public places such as schools, mosques and churches.

* Encourage people to use clean modes of transport.

* Improved pedestrian access.

* Improve the area for cyclists, by implementing cycle routes and cycle parking.

* Signpost areas of local interest.

* Plant more street trees.

* Create terrace spaces for local businesses.

* Create a gateway to the William Morris Gallery and Lloyd Park.

* Remove redundant street signs in order to de-clutter the area.

* Improve pavements.

* Road resurfacing in Maude Road, Maude Terrace, Somers Road and Warner Road.

For more information on the MiniHolland scheme, take a look at our recent article assessing the scheme from a Walthamstow wide perspective.

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