What to expect when moving to Walthamstow?

March 8, 2018

So you’re heading to Walthamstow? 

Good decision moving to Walthamstow. Things are moving fast in this dynamic and innovative cultural hotbed tucked away in the East of London, and at Waltham Estates, we are happy to be using our expertise to find people their perfect Walthamstow property.

Below we’ve put together a quick rundown of what you can expect when you set up camp in one of London’s fastest-growing areas. Get ready for excitement, culture, diversity, charm, quality, and affordability.

They don’t just name any place London Borough of Culture 2019

Daily life in Walthamstow is filled with surprises, and these surprises are set to become even more frequent and exciting from now on. Why? Well….

The Walthamstow culture engine is currently going into overdrive, with Waltham Forest having just been named London’s FIRST EVER Borough of Culture – a title it will hold for the whole of 2019.

This huge boost for Walthamstow will see more funds flowing into town, and hundreds of projects and initiatives designed to celebrate cultural diversity, community, and creativity. To get a better picture of what Walthamstow has in the pipeline for visitors and residents, please take a look at our recently-published article here.

High-end, low price

‘Affordable quality’ is the perfect phrase with which to sum up Walthamstow. Integrity runs through everything which is going on here, and it would be wrong not to point out a few of the borough’s social venues.  

For classic British fare made from locally-sourced ingredients, you can head to trendy Eat 17, and why not wet your whistle at Walthamstow’s homage to gin enthusiasts – Mother’s Ruin.  

Up for some variety without having to move? In that case, head to Ye Old Rose and Crown, Walthamstow’s pub/theatre/art gallery/pizzeria.

In addition to this, if you happen to create your own art, you could spend your first days in town talking to the folks at Cuttlefish Studios about getting your work on show – they’re known for their workshops and for embracing local talent.

Go green, in every sense of the word

Nature is one of the cornerstones of Walthamstow. Stroll around Walthamstow Marshes and marvel at the numerous canal boats, take in the serenity of Lloyd Park, and enjoy the numerous activities on offer at the recently-opened Walthamstow Wetlands – Europe’s biggest urban nature reserve.

In Walthamstow, beauty goes hand in hand with eco-friendliness (it should be a word if it isn’t), and this ethos will be embraced even more in the run up to 2019 and the London Borough of Culture excitement.   

Happy to help

Walthamstow is a true reflection of the quirkiness, quality and excitement which sums up London. Even the most long-term of Walthamstow residents can’t keep track of the new initiatives being launched, the new eateries popping up, and the esteemed titles being awarded.

At Waltham Estates, we are always so happy when people choose to throw themselves into Walthamstow life; the decades we’ve spent helping people find properties in this area have left us in no doubt as to its incredible appeal. Walthamstow truly has everything you could want in a new home town.

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