Finding great tenants

December 30, 2015

As a landlord, you want to feel safe in the knowledge that your home is being occupied by clean, reliable and considerate individuals.

Finding “good tenants” is key, because bad ones will waste your time and money and possibly lose you money on your investment in the case of irreversible damage. Sadly, there’s no shortage of bad tenants.

There are however steps you can take to ensure you swerve the bad ones and find appropriate individuals to fill your property.

Here at Waltham Estates, we will do a market appraisal to assess the rent your property will fetch. Once we have established a suitable price to charge for the property, we will then find you tenants who are guaranteed to be able to cover these costs by establishing how much the prospective tenant(s) earns and gaining suitable references to back this up. We check all tenants to make sure they earn a multiple of at least 2.5 times their rent to ensure they can meet their financial commitments.

You can rest assured your rent will be paid and your property will be maintained. Our property management team, will manage your property and ensure it is being looked after through regular checks.

Should any accidental damage happen to your property, We hold Professional Indemnity Insurance of £1 million for your peace of mind. We hold all tenant deposits in safe secure deposit protection schemes, so you can rest assured that the cost to repair most common damages can be covered.

Waltham Estates, can help you sell your home. We are an estate agents in Walthamstow and we have excellent knowledge of the local area and an unbeatable record of selling properties in Walthamstow and Leyton. Call us today for more information: 020 8509 0444

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