Gas Safety Week

September 18, 2015

Gas Safety Week is an annual safety week, now in it’s 5th year that aims to raise awareness of gas safety, drawing attention to the importance of ensuring that your home is fully checked for any dangers of leaks or explosions.

It is co-ordinated by the Gas Safe Register, with support from the gas industry, including retailers, manufacturers, consumer bodies and the public.

Gas Safety Week was born out of a very real crisis in British homes.  Every year thousands of people across the UK are diagnosed with carbon monoxide poisoning. This highly dangerous gas  which appears with no heads up or warning signs (you can’t see it or taste it) kills almost instantly.

A key reason for so many needless deaths is the fact that there are around 7,500 illegal gas fitters in the UK, carrying out over a quarter of a million illegal jobs each year. This is what the campaign is about: combating these fraudulent operators, by making the public aware that they need to be rigorous in how they make sure their gas fitters are legitimate.

Part of helping the public to understand how they can avoid using phoney fitters, is bringing peoples attention to the Gas Safe Register, which is the official list of gas engineers who are qualified to work safely and legally on gas appliances. It replaced CORGI. The public are urged as part of Gas Safety Week, to only use a Gas Safe registered engineer to carry out any gas related services and to always check the engineer’s Gas Safe Register ID card.

Gas appliances need to be checked annually, but astonishingly 43% of Britons don’t do it, and 10% have gas appliances which have never been checked.

Last year saw the Gas Safe Heroes campaign, raising public awareness of the job that Gas engineers do day in day out.They visited Sunderland, Sheffield, Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham, Norwich, Bristol and Portsmouth to remind people of the importance of getting regular safety checks on all gas appliances.

If you are interested in having your business take part in Gas Safety Week, it is highly recommended.  It counts towards your corporate social responsibility as it helps to protect your customers and save lives. This is why Waltham Estates, will be making all of their landlords and tenants aware of the scheme, to help keep the communities that we love safe.

Gas Safety Week 2015 is from the 14th to the 20th September.
September is the start of the heating season, when many people will be turning on their boilers. Let’s tackle the unacceptable death toll and improve the safety of homes up and down the country.

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