Latest Trend – Farmhouse Kitchens

January 15, 2016

Earlier this month, we looked at some of the interior design trends set to influence DIY and domestic renovations in 2016. One hugely popular design trend about to explode onto the scene this year, is farmhouse kitchens. Gone is the appeal of Scandinavian chic, it’s all about the rustic feel of the countryside this year.

The kitchen for many is the beating heart of the home. Any trend that looks towards bright clinical, fine edged finishes, is destined to be a flash in the pan. The enduring style of many popular kitchens over the years, has been one of warmth and functionality. Considering we spend so much time in the kitchen it’s important to get the design right. The great thing about going for the farmhouse look, is that it is classic. It stands up in any decade, so the need for constant revamp and change is reduced significantly.

You want your kitchen to look comfortable and lived in, like it’s always been there. To create that feel look to use two paint colours and an oak finish, alongside exposed oak frames.

If budget allows, invest in personal touches for your farmhouse kitchen. Have the islands and worktops built at a level that suits you or your family members height. It makes sense to have the work stations where your meal prep takes place at a practical level.

People want their kitchens to be familiar and friendly, these prerequisites can be met perfectly by the farmhouse style. A mismatch of handmade furniture that differs slightly in shape and size, creates this relaxed feel. Kitchens are also multi-functional, so you may desire a more versatile feel to the room.

A great kitchen should celebrate the love of domesticity, so be sure to include features such as cooking stations, larders and all the plug sockets needed for ipads and TV’s etc, to allow the room to be used for so much more than just meal prep.

For a warm, functional multipurpose space that suits you and your family, look no further than the installation of a farmhouse kitchen.

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