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October 27, 2015

Leyton, is so much more than it’s iconic football team, the mighty O’s. It is a vibrant and diverse community that in recent times has very much become a part of the new look, desirable east-end. Leyton, like it’s neighboring communities, benefited massively form the regeneration programmes, brought in to mark London’s Olympic year. Whereas once properties sold for around the £200,000 mark, a 3 bedroom house in these parts can sell for upwards of £400k.  The times have changed, but Leyton has still retained it’s authenticity and despite an increase in residents, it still offers a tranquil safe environment in the heart of the urban East End.


Originally an area separated from Hackney, by the river Lea, by the 18th century most of the Leyton marshes had been converted to fertile farmland, punctuated by mansions, especially towards the area now known as Bakers Arms.

In 1991, Spitalfields Market moved out further east to Leyton, to an area off Ruckholt Road, that became known as New Spitalfields. The new site offers still to this day, the largest array of fruit and veg in all of Britain.


In advance of the 2012 Olympics, the council made various envir­on­mental improvements in and around High Road Leyton. More than 150 residents were eligible to apply for a grant to revamp their store fronts and buildings in general. The Leyton area has that fresh new feel to it, as a consequence.

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