Local Artist sets E17 Arts Trail Ablaze

June 10, 2017


The E17 Arts Trail is back and looking as good as ever!

Running from 3rd until 18th June 2017, the E17 Arts Trail brings more than 7000 people from across Walthamstow to the largest community-led arts festival in London.

This year’s theme is STEAM; celebrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. Across Walthamstow, artists, makers and neighbours have been conducting their own experiments, tests and research as they prepare their exhibits and events. Local residents are applying their creativity in exploring phenomenon’s in zoology, physics, chemistry, ecology, geometry, analog and digital technology.

Amongst the talented local artists, studios and schools showcasing their work is the incredibly talented Allison Brown, whose paintings can be seen on display at the windows of Wakefields Hardware store on 682 Lea Bridge Road.

Allison found inspiration from local shops in the Barkers Arms area of Waltham Forest and has been painting the multitude of retailers that can be found here. Her use of colours and sweeping brush strokes capture the vibrancy of Walthamstow, reflecting the diversity of the East London area.

Allison’s paintings of local stores and landmarks includes:

Wakefields Hardware Merchants & Ironmonger
Wingers Jeweller
Pictorem Gallery and Picture Framers
Davies Fish Shop
Hornbeam Environmental Centre and Café
Baker SS Plumbers Merchant
Bakers Almshouses
Islamic Impressions
Post Office Bus Stop E
Fruit Stall on Hoe Street
RJ Gas
The Drum Pub
Cico Re-upholstery and Furniture Restorer
Bus stop to Whipps Cross

This is a chance to see the shops you walk past daily through the eyes of an artist who is bringing you the beauty of the different cultures and communities in East London and, particularly, the Walthamstow area.

If you’re someone who doesn’t live in the area, don’t worry. You can also come and share in our history and talent!

We are proud to help promote the work of Allison Brown as an estate agency in Walthamstow. Visit the E17 Arts Trail for yourself and be part of our wonderful community!

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