A Mini-Holland in Walthamstow, East London

August 11, 2017

Earlier this year, Walthamstow topped a list of 40 London property hotspots.

Property prices there have risen by 133% in eight years, a trend that’s predicted to continue. We take a look at the reasons behind this area’s surge in popularity including Mini – Holland project.

In 2013, Walthamstow received funding from Boris Johnson’s Mini-Holland scheme, which aimed to create safer, healthier, cycling friendly suburbs. The resulting partial road closures, cycle paths and green spaces have led to quieter streets and a village atmosphere that we believe has played a key part in the area’s growth.

While some Walthamstow residents protested against the road changes, the regeneration has been hailed a success, with improvements in air quality and a 16% reduction in traffic. More local people are now cycling and there’s been a large drop in traffic collisions.

Now there’s even more good news for Walthamstow residents, as the area has secured funding to launch a Zero Emissions Courier Scheme. Local businesses, charities and organisations will be able to use a zero emission delivery service, featuring cargo bikes and electric vans. The scheme should improve air quality and give the local economy a boost.

As experienced estate agents, we know that there’s much more to the area’s appeal than cycle lanes and safer roads. For a start, Walthamstow has more green spaces than any borough North of the Thames. It also has transport excellent connections and the longest street market in Europe!

If you’re looking for culture, look no further than Walthamstow’s William Morris Gallery. The area also boasts a thriving arts scene. The local art trail is one of the best and a new community performance venue opens this July. There’s also a cracking comedy club, Empire cinema, which features 9 screens and a plethora of quirky cafes and restaurants. Amongst them, Perky Blenders is a favourite of ours.

Walthamstow is a great area for young people and families, as the average age of residents is under 35 and a third of residents are under 25. As property experts, we believe that this is due to young renters heading away from pricier central boroughs. We have also noticed that young families are moving into the area from Essex and Kent.

There are plenty of exciting improvements still to come and as one of the oldest estate agency in Walthamstow. We have the experience to know that the area’s continuing regeneration will lead to steady rises in property prices. So whether you’re looking to buy for yourself or buy to let, we recommend buying now. Please get in touch with us if you would like us to value your home or help you with the buying process.



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