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May 19, 2015

Our Approach

Here at Waltham Estates, we feel passionate about providing our young people, especially those in the local community, with the best start in life. We appreciate that young people face a tough challenge in gaining the combination of qualifications and work experience necessary to set them in good stead for the job market. At 22%, the unemployment rate for 16­ to 24 ­year ­olds is higher in London, than in anywhere else in England and Wales. We are committed to playing our part in providing better opportunities for our young people. For that reason we agreed to take on a young intern from the local Winchmore School, by the name of Zain Rawal. Zain came to us with a keen interest in the property market and the day to day runnings of a busy estate agent.

Our Intern

We decided to give him a proper crack at the whip and allowed him to explore every area of the business, under the watchful eye of Aaliyah, our Lettings Manager. Currently in year 10, Zain demonstrated a great deal of maturity and focus and quickly set about completing his allocated admin tasks with diligence and precision. Zain thoroughly enjoyed his time with us and left with an insight into the world of Estate agency.


Here’s what Zain had to say about his time with us:

“While working in Waltham Estates I have learnt many skills that will help me during my further education and career. The working environment within Waltham Estates is very serious when it comes to work but the workers are very nice and patient when it comes to dealing with customers and teaching each other skills. I really appreciate all the help, time and effort everyone at Waltham Estates has put into my work experience here and I would definitely love to come back and work here.”

Like all other young people in the local community, we wish Zain the best of luck in his future career of choice and feel assured that his time with us given him the confidence to go out and seize the opportunities awaiting him in the job market, once he has completed further education.


Our passion for community

Here at Waltham Estates we are passionate about the local community and enjoy supporting local events, like last years Walthamstow Village Fest.  We know our surroundings, inside out, and have immersed ourselves in the culture and trends of the local area, in order to really understand how why people choose to make this place their home. The essence of what truly is Walthamstow and Leyton is something we have explored at great length and we talk about it a lot in our communities page. If you are looking to make this place your home or sell / let your property then contact us on 020 8509 0444 to get an expert opinion on the local area.

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