Spring Home Decor Trends

March 18, 2016

Spring is upon us and with it comes a wave of fresh new interior ideas and ways to spruce up ones home.
It is a great time to buy or sell your home in Walthamstow or Leyton. As estate agents in Walthamstow we regularly see a spike in sales and inquiries around this time of year, so why not take this chance to get a little bit more for your home, by decorating it in the latest spring trends and wow any would-be buyers when it comes to viewings. Here’s what’s hot:

1) Bold and brash jungle colors and prints are set to feature prominently this year. Fashion will heavily influence interiors this spring and these styles are closely linked to what’s going on on the catwalk. Botanicals will continue to be a strong seasonal look often displayed in psychedelic colours and clashing palettes, so the look isn’t too organic or earthy, rather raw and alive.

2) 70s inspired swag, is back in all of its excessive, over the top forms. Think furs, feathers and ostentatious accessories. In terms of adding a flavor of glam to your home this can be done with a few detailed touches. Throw a big cluster of ostrich feathers into a vase or candle holder, to encapsulate the decade of prog rock and disco.

Swivel chairs draped in velvet, like a homage to hedonism and teal arm chairs are also set to make an appearance.

3) Get your folk on. Invite the world to stay with a mixture of earthy tones and tribal patterns, that give that vagabond traveler feel. Bold flowery cushions, painted furniture and tribal prints will punctuate the the peripheries of many rooms this year. Add a bit of greenery, to really bring the outdoor traveler vibe home.

4) Rattan returns. Rattan is making its comeback this summer as a material for the home, both indoor and outdoor. Another 70s staple, filtering in from the fashion world, this eco-material will be woven into a lot of the furniture and lighting ranges in Spring 2016.

5) Look out for as well, some nautical touches that are tipped to appear in homes this spring. Simple, clean touches that give the feeling of sand, salt and sea are going to be very popular in the next few months. Colours that convey a coastal feel, in a simple unassuming way will illuminate living rooms and kitchens, through stripey cushions, anchors and palettes of grey. Reclaimed wood, touches of sea grass, rattan and jute will also be popular.

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