Waltham Forest Named 2019 London Borough of Culture

February 27, 2018

The excitement never stops in Walthamstow, and this week is so exception. Waltham Forest has been named the 2019 London Borough of Culture, and for good reason. This is the first time the title has ever been awarded, and we can sense the excitement in the air.

Here we break down the details of the Waltham Forest bid which landed this esteemed title and look at the spectacular events and initiatives that will hit the area during an excitement-filled 2019.

The foundations of the bid

With 14,489 pledges in support of Waltham Forest’s bid for the 2019 London Borough of Culture title, there was a real hope; a hope that those doing the awarding would acknowledge the huge growth and cultural diversity which has seen Walthamstow become one of London’s most talked-about areas. Thankfully, this hope has become a reality.

The bid itself was generated thanks to an extensive collaboration with the local arts community, and creativity will be very much at the heart of everything when Waltham Forest enters 2019 as a London Borough of Culture.

The keywords leading the charge

The Waltham Forest proposal is filled with stories from residents whose artistic aspirations have been nurtured by the area’s arts clubs and cultural events. In fact, culture will very much be one of the focal words in 2019, alongside creativity, heritage, and community. Here’s why:


The ‘culture on every corner’ initiative will focus on creating non-traditional art venues, while the ‘culture as a career’ movement will place emphasis on finding jobs for youths in creative industries.


Below are some of the exciting projects set to light up Walthamstow during its tenure as 2019 London Borough of Culture:

Metalworks: Atomic No50 – tin toy production was once the bedrock of Walthamstow, and although this industry has died away, its inspiration is still very much present. This project will involve teaching people modern-day metalworking skills.

Paint your London – any project which focuses on creating the biggest high-rise mural in the UK is fine by us. The mural will be the culmination of a 2-week-long street festival across London.

Molecules on the Marshes – 50,000 solar-powered lights representing water molecules and stretching across 50 square metres of Walthamstow’s marshes. This project will be led by renowned artist Zarah Hussain, in conjunction with people affected by health issues.


Another important word in the Waltham Forest proposal, the heritage events will focus on taking inspiration from the history of the area to bring people together.


Home to many youths who are experiencing disadvantage, one of the main community-focused initiatives will be working with schools and parents to show that a career in the arts is a viable option.

No surprise!

Waltham Forest’s London Borough of Culture story is a true reflection of the area. Diversity, warmth and innovation have been at the core of this progressive cultural hub for years, and we have thoroughly enjoyed helping people find homes and settle down here.

Congratulations to Walthamstow, and to those behind the Waltham Forest bid. Exciting times lie ahead – times filled with joy, innovation, and community spirit. Roll on 2019.

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