Walthamstow Village – An Evolving Landscape

April 7, 2015

Walthamstow Village has gone through a rapid transformation over the last three years. Changes have occurred that have altered its landscape irreversibly and in turn increased the prices of properties to rent in Walthamstow. The once nondescript East London backwater, has become a gentrified, characterful and much sought after place to live. Locals love its safe, clean and family-oriented vibe. Further changes in the form of pedestrianisation are on the horizon for this area, changes that are set to herald in a new era for the area, causing concerns for some and elation for others.

The dynamic and vibrant Walthamstow Village

The dynamic and vibrant Walthamstow Village

Walthamstow Village, located between St Mary Road and Lea Bridge Road and Hoe Street and  Shernhall Street, is one of the areas of Walthamstow that has been lucky enough to receive Mini Holland funding, enabling higher spending on infrastructure. After public consultation, a decision was made by the local authorities to spend these funds on several traffic calming measures aimed at creating a safer, cleaner environment. In addition, money will be spent on increasing the number of trees planted in the area and there will be improvements made to the street lighting, all and all making Walthamstow Village a more prosperous environment, in which to live and work.

The traffic flow changes planned are as follows:

The thinking behind the road closures is to eradicate in part non-local traffic, giving Walthamstow Village even more of a close-knit community feel. The minimisation of traffic will of course improve the air quality and reduce pollution levels. It’s also hoped that the increased numbers of pedestrianised roads will encourage more cyclists, making the roads safer and healthier for residents.

Like in all instances of dramatic redevelopment, concerns have been voiced by some of the local people. The proposal only passed at public consultation by a 2% swing, so as you can probably imagine the scheme is not without its critics and strong opponents.  One concern in particular was the impact the closure of Orford Road might have on local businesses. However, from Monday- Sunday the road is open before 10am, enabling deliveries and visits to be made to local businesses.

Work starts on the Village makeover from April onwards, beginning with the upgrade of street lights and then ending with the controversial Orford Road closures.

Update:  Details of the plans for Lea Bridge Roundabout are set to be released in stages, but there is some new information about planned changes to Whipps Cross Roundabout. The proposal involves turning the roundabout into a large t-junction, complete with new crossing points added at Hospital Road and Wood Street.  The crossings would have elephant footprint road markings indicating where cyclists can cross. A signalized junction showing where Wood Street meets Lea Bridge Road is also planned. In terms of public space the council are offering a community orchard near the bus stops at Whipps Cross. Finally, the bridge between Lammas Road and Orient Way is also set to be redesigned.

*The public can comment on the plans until July 18.*

The area boasts some great eateries and amenities.
The area boasts some great eateries and amenities.

As an Estate Agents we are passionate about our local area of Walthamstow and want to see it prosper. We are keeping an eye on the changes being made to the village and will assist buyers and landlords alike in any way we can during this transitional period. Exciting times lie ahead for both buyers and sellers in this vibrant and dynamic part of Walthamstow. Call us if you need anymore information on the impending changes, or if you need advice on any of our available properties.

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