What makes a good letting/estate agent?

October 29, 2017

what makes a good letting agent

At Waltham Estates, we are of the firm belief that customers should be getting the best service possible when searching for a property or letting out a property they own. Providing such a service has been a passion of ours since we started out, and so we want to outline some of the key points to look for when working with or choosing a letting/estate agent. Let’s go!

Estate agent qualifications

Qualifications, qualifications, qualifications. Yep, these are the basis of any reputable, top-quality letting/estate agent. You should be careful to establish that any agent with whom you are working is a member of an accredited regulatory and qualification awarding body.

The UK’s leading regulatory authority is Propertymark. You can be assured that members of this network will maintain a certain level of professionalism. In addition, Propertymark offers various levels of qualifications. For example, the highest qualification for a letting and property management agency in England & Wales is the Level 4 Technical Award in Residential Letting and Property Management.

At Waltham Estates, our exemplary service is built on a foundation of solid qualifications. We are the proud owners of the ARLA & NAEA qualifications, while we are also SafeAgent certified.     

Helping you to maximise your investment

Being a letting/estate agent is about much more than just listing properties for sale/rent and conducting viewings. Customers rely on an agency having in-depth knowledge of property trends, up-and-coming developments in the relevant areas, and any inside information which might help the customer get the deal they want.

An extensive wealth of market knowledge allows a letting/estate agent to forecast what will happen, why, and where, so as they can communicate this to their customers. A good example of such analysis is our recent article detailing the interesting swings in Walthamstow’s property market over the last 10 years, which you can read here.  

Reduce damages/arrears/maximise rent

Property owners will often employ a letting agent to manage their property for them, but earning a reputation for professionalism in this area is not easy. Over the last 20 years, we have focused on putting in place professional and rigorous processes based on our years of experience. These processes ensure that the correct rental price is being charged by property owners, while also reducing the risk of unruly tenants moving into a property. In addition, watertight contracts mean that rent is always paid, even if tenants are unable to find the money in time, thus ensuring that the property owner does not lose out. To find out more about the benefits of employing a property management service, check out a recent article on property management we put together.

Efficient maintenance service

When renting a property, tenants need to know that any problems will be tackled straight away, and in an efficient manner. At Waltham Estates, we make customer service a priority, which is why our reputation has spread so quickly through the grapevine.

In addition to the reputable and reliable maintenance teams we have in place, tenants can also enjoy peace of mind knowing that they can get in touch any time of the day and night, with our out-of-hours support and assistance service.

Specialism, passion, and personality

The quality of service provided by any letting/estate agent is heavily dependent on passion and a desire to serve customers as best as possible. At Waltham Estates, we have an unrivaled enthusiasm for the East London area; our involvement in the community has allowed us to really put our finger on the pulse of Walthamstow and its surrounding localities – to find out what makes these places tick and what has driven residents to move there. Using this knowledge, we can offer comprehensive advice and deliver exactly what customers should expect from a letting/estate agent.

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