What makes Walthamstow great?

October 15, 2015

Until the mid 19th century Walthamstow was a country parish, famous for its woodland and majestic views across the marshes to bustling London. Later in the 19th century it became a satellite town, where industry was the key focus. Walthamstow became an urban sanitary district in 1873 and a municipal borough in 1929. In 1965 it was combined with Chingford and Leyton as the London borough of Waltham Forest.

Originally called Wilcumestowe ‘The place of welcome’, Walthamstow lives up to its namesake, with it’s warm and friendly spirit. Unlike its neighboring areas, Walthamstow doesn’t suffer from pretentiousness. Indeed, despite its recent redevelopments, fueled in part by the ‘London Olympics’ the area has retained its sense of authenticity, while still becoming a much sought after places to live in London.

If you are raising a young family, Walthamstow is perfect.The area boasts the most green space in all of London, perfect for languid weekends spent in the parks, teaching the young ones how to ride their bikes.

This place isn’t short of interesting landmarks either ‘Walthamstow Market’, the longest street market in Europe, which runs for approximately 1km from Walthamstow Central to St James Street, was famously the inspiration for the Eastender’s Walford market. The area is also home to many hidden gems such as ‘The William Morris Gallery’, ‘Vestry House’ and the Historic ‘ Central Library’.

Walthamstow, despite it’s turbulent past, is now a warm, family- oriented area, that has benefited hugely from redevelopment. With prices escalating year on year, now is the time to rent or buy in this sought after green corner of East London.

As estate agents, based on Hoe Street, we are privileged to be working in such a diverse and inspiring community. We love the area and we love enabling others to reap the benefits of living here. Contact us today and we can help you make the move.

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